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There is an old African proverb that states, “Tomorrow belongs to the people who prepare for it today.”  As we look around and see the changing economic landscape, we may experience a sense of urgency.  But let’s couple that urgency with a commitment to alter the economic landscape.   As we find ourselves past the halfway point of 2012, fast approaching 2013, with all the possibilities, problems and promises that it may bring, we can start today to chart our own course for the upcoming years.  Let the African American Connection (AAC), be an “income stream” vehicle, for you in this decade.


The African American Connection (AAC), is a black owned and operated, Internet based, virtual mall of African American businesses.  The AAC asserts that the African American community should take it upon themselves, to do what needs to be done, to enhance and improve the condition of the African American community at large.   The AAC provides every citizen of the African American community with a viable segue toward leveling the economic playing field.  This is structured on an African American owned, web-based solution that is supported through African American community participation.  


The unemployment rate in the African American community is double the national average and growing.  However, there are options, opportunities and venues that are available to those willing to begin to make a change.  This is not the time to bemoan our condition but to take steps to change our condition.  This is not the time to bask in the cesspool of victimization, but to choose to be immersed in the energizing waters of victory.  This is not the time to expect more of the same, but to create a noticeable difference.   Another African proverb states, “Tears are best dried with your own hand.”  As a community of African Americans, we must determine to make the change(s) with an assertive and insightful attitude that says, “If not us, then who?”


B.A.L.S Inc. (Big and Little Sisters Incorporated), was crafted and designed by two bodacious African American sisters, who are extremely proficient and adept at training and facilitation.  When you become part of our team, we will make every effort to assist you in arriving at your place of success in the virtual marketing community of the African American Connection.  Find out more by attending one (or more) of the webinars offered by the AAC.  Contact us to inquire about the next webinar date or give us a call at the number listed above.  Come find out how we are re-building Black Wall Street in a virtual African American Community.  


B.A.L.S. Inc.


  If you need assistance call us at:  888.AAC.8842

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